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Twice a month, Sharon introduces you to incredible modern day Super Hero's. In an effort to help U take back the narrative and learn to be the hero of your own story again by identifying your SUPERPOWER!

Activating + Highlighting U + Wholeness
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Insider Secrets On Blending Business With Faith
Already expected to be a Best Seller with this amazing line up of Authors and Kingdompreneures, U don't want to miss this book! AND the authors want to meet U in person as U attend a radical event that has the power to change your Life and your Business? Join us at the Grow for God Conference November 3rd-5th 2022, Nashville, TN!

Grow Your Biz For God’s Sake

Grow Your Business for God's Sake! is a business conference helping business people, creatives, and professionals take their businesses to new heights, while doing it for Him and with a missional mindset to give back and make an impact.
Bringing together like-hearted & like-minded leaders, influencers, and entrepreneurs to educate & energize their missions in the marketplace with faith founded teaching.
A 3-day experiential event intended to ignite your business and magnify your legacy.
Beyond motivation and inspiration, this is an activation conference!
Rising to the call..

- Discover How To Use Your Uniquely Purposed Identity

- Design Your Creative Brand & Message

- Deploy Your Successful, Firmly Founded, Business


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