Are U ready to find balance and live a life of less stress and greater purpose? Fantastic! We are here to help U Activate! 

U are Not alone and Together, we will help ActivateU into who you are created to be, utilizing the Wholeness Principle. 
What is the Wholeness Principle?
It is a...

Remember when you were a kid and you were going to be anything you dreamed you wanted to be? Remember the passion that welled up inside when you just knew you would reach your goals and achieve your dream life?

Or maybe you didn’t grow up in an environment where dreams were encouraged and your passions were stifled, but you still feel that “something” inside, just waiting to burst out…

If you are anything like me, you have worked hard to rise above discouragement, overcome countless obstacles, made some not so smart decisions and have even been living paycheck to paycheck from time to time.

How are you going to find Freedom in life to accomplish your goals, achieve your dreams and if you are like me, and want to help others to do the same when you’re:
  • Burned out on life and maybe even out of shape
  • Too broke to dream beyond paying the bills
  • Disconnected from family
  • Struggling in an unfulfilling career
  • Dealing with disheartening friendships
  • Tired of the same boring routines
  • Losing faith
If you’re anything like I was, you know something needs to change, but you don’t even know where to start.
So what can you do to figure out where you are now and start making real progress towards your dreams?

It’s called Life Coaching. And I know it works because it has changed me and my families lives for the better.

I am in need of a some freedom in my life!

Have you ever had an experience that made an impression on you at the time, then later you realize how that experience created a ripple effect which changed your life forever? I have had a couple of those experiences including major losses, meeting the man of my dreams, having a child, and being gifted a ticket to an event called Oolapalooza in 2015.

Oolapalooza 2015 is where I first met Dr. Dave, the OOLA Seeker and Dr. Troy, the OOLA Guru, three time International Best Selling authors, and first learned about personal growth and Life Coaching. In the Spring of 2016, after suffering yet another major loss in our lives, my husband, Ransom attended Oolapalooza with me and together we decided to start making some changes and putting what we learned into action.

The years that followed were full of eye opening adventure, travel, learning, trying, failing, growing, meeting extraordinary people, being coached, then being coached some more, succeeding and now coaching, while still being coached. I have always had a heart for helping people but actually ran the other direction when someone mentioned I should look into Life Coaching.

Just like you may be, I too was thinking, what the heck is a Life Coach anyway? It seems to be everywhere now and some of the people doing it seem to have no real credibility whatsoever. Am I right?

Now don’t get me wrong, I have had some incredible coaches through the years but they came fully stacked with major life credentials, failures and successes… Yet, sometimes we need a coach to come along and point out what we may not see right in front of us. Which is what happened with me.

We need a coach to come along side as we rediscover our goals, passions and dreams. To help keep us accountable as we struggle against limiting beliefs and negative self talk. To help us pick the pieces back up if and when we fail or run into roadblocks. To cheer us on as we make minor steps then major leaps.

Coaching changed my life. Coaching changed my families lives. Coaching can change your life too.

How Do U Start?

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My Life is about to change for the Better!

This sounds amazing but you know what, I have had some coaching and I want to know more about how to help others Activate by becoming a Certified Oola Life Coach too! Wonderful! Check it out here:

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CONGRATULATIONS!! I am SO EXCITED for U and I can’t wait to walk this path along side U! Get ready for some FREEDOM!!

Life Changing Workshops

We are offering live workshops in Lexington, or U can book a private online session with me.

This workshop will help you start the New Year with clear intentions, a positive outlook, mindset shifts, and a plan. We will assist you step-by-step to create your vision, identify and refine goals, strategize your path, overcome obstacles, and stay focused.

Whether you are focused on career, relationship, creating wealth, health & wellness, or a combination… bring it forward and let’s create your ideal year!

Maximum 10 attendees per workshop.


  • Saturday, January 14; 1pm-5pm


  • Lexington. Exact location will be shared after sign up.


  • Regular Price $175. Now just $150
  • Save $25 with using this Early Bird Special. Register by December 28th to get the $150 workshop.


  • A welcome packet, location address, questionnaire and pre-work will be emailed 7 days before session begins.
  • Session includes healthy snacks and refreshments.
  • I am offering 5 individual private sessions for the month of January. $65/hr (Don't delay - private sessions fill fast & my normal rate is $150/hr)


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• Living with intention

• Introduction to the OOLA Life: Finding Balance in an Unbalanced World

• Realizing the head & heart connection

• Connect with your why

• Mastering mindset

Goal Setting

• Goals vs. Intentions

• Using SMART goals


• Strategize, then Prioritize

• Worksheets and practice session

• Overcoming setbacks

• Nurture your growth, and yourself


• Processes and tools to support your intentions

• Accountability (support system)

• Trust

Click below to book your session or if you have questions, email

More 2023 Retreat Dates and locations announced soon.

Stay Tuned!


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